For patient

The Aido service consists of a mobile application and a smart pill box that together ensure that the medicines are taken on time. In addition the application tracks the overall level of the disease.

By improving the adherence to the treatment, the patient's symptoms remain low, the ability to function increases and the quality of life improves. In addition, better adherence reduces the risk of a relapse significantly.

For healthcare professionals

With a real-time dashboard and information channel, healthcare professionals are able to react immediately to the discontinuation
of outpatient’s medication or to the adherence to the treatment.

The dashboard is also a tool that a healthcare professional can use to interact with the patient psycho-educationally. This will provide the patient with the information they need about the effects of drug treatment on
health and condition.

For society

Aido enhances the specialty care of schizophrenia and other
psychotic diseases by strengthening the patient's  adherence to the treatment.

This reduces the risk of disease recurrence and saves costs. Effects also appear in the patient care, for example in improved performance and quality of life.

Aido – Application features

  • Reminding the patient to take the pills
  • Tracking how the pills have been taken
  • Tracking the mood and other symptoms
  • Sleep and social activity monitoring
  • Simple user interface
  • All platforms: IOS and Android
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Aido Application

Who we are?

Aido Healthcare is a Finnish company, founded in 2016, aiming to digitalise and improve the evidence based treatment of schizophrenia and psychosis patients.

Aido mission is to escort the mentally unwell towards independent life, to a more controlled and balanced living, and full participation in society. We want to increase the peace in families affected by mental illness, and to strengthen the sense of security in the community. We help the health professionals to achieve better results, and the society to attain considerable savings and reallocation of resources for effective care.

Our vision is to be a leading eHealth company whose smart and easy-to-use digital services help the patient to adhere to treatment, and professionals to monitor the effectiveness of care; improving the quality of
life of the patient and his/her close ones, making sure that care is appropriate, and attaining considerable savings for the society.


Mikko Järvenpää

mikko (at) aido . io

Olli Nuutila

olli (at) aido . io

Martin Westerling

Psychologist, Key account manager
martin (at) aido . io

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